‘Kaali: The Super Shakti’ to telecast soon on Q TV

An animated show is going to start soon on Q TV. The name of this show is Kali: The Super Shakti. The show is fully animated, which will be telecast from 15th May. It is one such unique show that does not just limit itself to entertaining the viewers, it will also impart a strong learning and message to the kids and parents with each episode. Kali is the story of a young girl born on Mahashivratri, who has got special powers as a blessing from Lord Shiva to solve the problems of women/girls.

Kali lives with her parents and twin sister. His sister Gauri dies due to an accident. After this, there is a turning point in Kali’s life, which takes her towards a new journey. A journey that Kali could never have imagined. His journey begins with the powers he has been blessed with by Lord Shiva. Overall, this journey of Kali is going to be very interesting.

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