Keep body and mind fit to achieve the goal

I want to study at an institute like IIT Madras as my dream college. Right now I am studying in class XII. During the pandemic, my goals have been hindered somewhat due to mental and physical reasons. I want to know how to motivate myself towards my goal.

As far as the Covid epidemic is concerned, people from all over the world including India have been affected by it. It is also true that the education of the students has been affected much more than this. So don’t worry about this. That the problem has happened only to you because of Covid. First of all, try to keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. Make it a habit to be happy and motivated. There are many reasons to be happy in and around your family every day. As far as being motivated towards your goal is concerned, then you should create a passion for it so that only you can see it while sleeping. Apart from this, try to motivate yourself by reading the biographies and thoughts of great men. While moving towards your goal, keep yourself connected with the help of people, their happiness as well. This will boost your confidence and give you energy.

I am very confused about my career. I want to become a CDS officer
I want to serve the country but yoga is my hobby, so I want to do my graduation from yoga itself. Since both the fields are quite different, so please tell me what should I do?

Your judgment is better and you should try accordingly. If you try in the right way and with full dedication, then you will be able to achieve your goal. As far as pursuing yoga as a hobby is concerned, you can retain it even after getting selected in the army, because yoga is helpful for everyone in staying physically and mentally healthy. Through this, you can also benefit others. In case you are not selected in CDS for any reason, you will always have the option to go ahead and make your mark as a Yoga Instructor.

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