Kriti Sanon has to play new characters

Every artist aspires to be on the poster. Sometimes actresses do not get that place on the poster. Kriti Sanon is one of the few actresses who have got a single place on the poster because of her choice of films. The film Mimi, which was released recently, has increased the confidence of Kriti. Many of his films are ready for release. Kriti says I don’t know whether writers are writing stories keeping me in mind or not, but they’d love to take me into those stories later which is a good thing for me.

When directors and writers come to my mind or not they send me a script imagining me, my confidence builds up. Now they even send my picture on the poster that the look of the film will be something like this. These things give me satisfaction that I am on the right track. As an artist, I am getting more greedy. The hunger to play new characters has increased.

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