Major differences between PUBG New State and BGMI

PUBG New State release date has been fixed for November 11th, 2021 and the game will be available for download on this day for both Android and iOS devices. There is also some time left for pre-registration of PUBG New State and players who have not yet pre-registered for the game can do so by visiting their device’s Apple App Store or Google Play Store. With the PUBG New State, the Indian version of PUBG Mobile is BGMI already launched and 60 million downloads of the game have been completed so far. Today we are going to tell you about the major differences between the two battle royale games BGMI and PUBG New State in this article.

Major differences between BGMI and PUBG New State

  1. If we talk about the availability of BGMI, then this game is only available for Indian users but the PUBG New State game will be available globally.
  2. The concept year of PUBG New State is based on 2051 and the game will have some futuristic aspects and if we talk about the timeline of BGMI then this game is based on the present time.
  3. In PUBG New State, players will get to see advanced weapons and vehicles, while in Battlegrounds Mobile India players will get to see original weapons and vehicles.
  4. PUBG New State recently announced in its social media post that “D-7 (Erangel & TDM) PUBG: NEW STATE, With only seven days left until the official launch, we would like to introduce the familiar Erangel map that’s been adjusted for 2051 as well as the brand new game mode, Team Deathmatch!” From this post, it would have been confirmed that advance maps are going to be available.
  5. PUBG New State is going to be launched with ultra-realistic graphics in the game but if we talk about the graphics of BGMI, then Ultra HD graphics are available for players in the game.

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