Man sleeping with a group of Cheetah in this viral video, watch now

A video of a man sleeping at night with the Family of Cheetahs is going viral on the internet. This video has been shared on YouTube, whose description shows that it has been performed as an experiment on CHEETAHS in South Africa, at ‘The Cheetah Experience’, a cheetah-breeding center, and for this experiment, Volker had taken special permission to spend nights with three cheetahs so that he could gather more information about them. According to Volker on his YouTube channel, he is an animal advocate with a Zoology degree and is fascinated by animal behavior and studies them.

Sharing the video on his YouTube channel, he wrote, “Do cheetahs prefer cold concrete or warm blankets and company? These captive cheetahs were bred and born at cheetah breeding centers in South Africa; one at Cheetah Experience. All are quite tame as they are groomed for the breeding program so when they have cubs, they can be monitored closely. An accepting and approachable mother allows that. There is a plan to release one of these cheats into a protected wild in the near future. I was granted special permission to spend my nights with the three because I had watched them grow up and built up a relationship with them during past volunteering,”. This video has got 17,608,753 views so far and netizens are giving their different reactions on this video. One YouTube viewer wrote “I love how one cheetah is sleeping while the others are awake -just like humans, but animals never get pissed when they wake up from sleep because of disturbance, be it cheetah or tigers.”

Man sleeping with a group of Cheetah in South Africa

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