Many avenues have opened up with the advent of digital platforms: Preeti

There are many actors who are returning to acting after a long time in films or on digital platforms. If we talk about Preeti Jhangiani, who has done films like Mohabbatein, LOC Kargil, she says that wants to act, but the project should be strong. Preeti said during a live chat that the pressure of being in the news is on the actors. It is very important to keep working continuously. The digital platform has opened up a lot of avenues for artists.

Now the artist can be of any age, which is a good thing. There are many options, but yes it is very important to have a project in hand. I am waiting for good projects to work on films or digital platforms. My time is very valuable. I am producing films, my two sons also have a big responsibility. The project should be such that it is comparable to the present time, after doing that work, I should not feel that I have wasted my precious time.

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