McDonald’s Outlets in Russia having Massive Queue of Cars after decision to shut down all, viral video

Amid Ukraine Russia Crises, companies from various industries are temporarily suspending their business in Russia. Recently, major food giant McDonald’s has temporarily closed its 850 stores in Russia. The decision was taken as the company has faced criticism for failing to withdraw from the Russian market amid international outrage over Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. Earlier, Exxon-Mobil, General Electric and Netflix had temporarily suspended their business in Russia. However, McDonald’s has confirmed that it will continue to pay wages to its 62,000 workers working in these 850 stores.

After this decision of McDonald’s, there is a long queue of vehicles at the stores, a video of which is also becoming very viral on social media. This 12-second video is from Moscow, in which long queues of vehicles are seen outside McDonald’s store, and people are waiting for hours to get their food. The video has been shared on the ‘UkraineLiveNews’ Twitter account. The video’s caption reads, “People in Moscow waiting in line for McDonald’s after they announced they would be closing all 847 locations in Russia.”

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