Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 will release on December 3

Spanish web series Money Heist has also been very much liked in India. Five episodes have already been released from the fifth season of this series. This is the final season of the series. The remaining five episodes under Volume 2 will release on Netflix on December 3. In the virtual press conference of this series, the show’s star cast Alvaro Morte, Arsala Corbero, and other artists including the show’s creator Alex Pina were also present. Media from all over the world joined this conference.

The show’s creator Alex made it clear on the occasion that he would not bring any more seasons of Money Heist after the fifth season. Instead, another web series on the show’s character Berlin will be released in 2023. The show can be called a spin-off of Berlin’s character. The character of Berlin was played by Pedro Alonso in the show. At the conference, Alex also seemed happy that the show was being remade in South Korea

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