More than 2 lakh pendency of DL, RC, people fed up in Punjab

The pendency of new licenses and RCs in Punjab has crossed 2 lakhs. People have to visit RTO office again and again for DL ​​and RC. Dr. Kamal Soi, a member of the National Road Safety Council constituted under the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, says that there are 2 lakh cards pending in Punjab. And the figure is increasing everyday. In many cases, there is a delay of more than 1 month, which is in violation of the terms of the agreement signed by the Transport Department with the service provider company Smart Chip Private Limited. DL and RC are required to be provided within a week of applying as per the terms and conditions agreed with the company.

According to him, not only Punjab, even Uttar Pradesh has completely failed to provide DL and RC. There the work of more than three lakh DL and RC has been stopped. According to Dr. Soi, the company is embroiled in court cases with the Transport Department of the Punjab government. The department has canceled their DL/VRC contract but in spite of this the company is continuing its operations • in Punjab. On the other hand, the company argues that there are problems in the chip supply chain across the world. They can’t find the chip.

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