Mother’s milk is nectar for babies

The best boon a mother can give her baby is in the form of breastfeeding. Breastfeeding Week is celebrated every year on this occasion by the World Health Organization. Around the World of the Week this Year

The theme of the celebration is: Protect Breastfeeding. Under this, an attempt is made to explain how the new generation can be made healthy by breastfeeding. In this way, this subject also becomes of social importance. It becomes the responsibility of all of us to do everything possible to promote breastfeeding.

It is our responsibility to motivate future mothers to breastfeed by telling its benefits. Along with this, attention will also have to be paid to the awareness of other women in the house, so that they encourage the mother of the child.

Like other countries, during Breastfeeding Week, the member doctors of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics promote its importance especially to different sections of the society. Women and their families are made aware of this in all pediatric clinics and hospitals. Nurses are trained to help mothers, even in schools and colleges.

The benefit to the baby

  • Breastfeeding can be started within an hour of the newborn’s birth. Apart from this, do not give anything else to the newborn. Initiating breastfeeding within an hour of birth keeps the baby safe from many infections.
  • Mother’s milk, especially the thick yellow milk that comes for the first three days, makes the child’s immunity very strong. Along with this, the mental development of the child is also good.
  • Breastfeed your baby exclusively for six months and continue for one and a half to two years. Breastfeeding improves his physical development, keeps his weight right, and does not lack calcium, iron, etc. in his body.
  • Mother’s milk is easily digested in the baby’s body and its digestive system remains correct.
  • Breastfeeding greatly reduces the chances of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. in the baby.
  • Diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea due to breastfeeding also protected.
  • According to studies, There is quite a shortage of Infant mortality due to breastfeeding.

Benefits for mother

  • Hormones released during breastfeeding are helpful in correcting the enlarged stomach of the mother as well as stop bleeding.
  • Breastfeeding reduces the chances of getting breast cancer, ovarian cancer.
  • Breastfeeding also acts as a type of natural contraception.

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