Mouni will be seen in a different style in the film Brahmastra

If actress Mouni Rai is to be believed, she makes ‘special appearances’ just by looking at the characters. Mouni has played a small role in the recently released film Velle. Abhay Deol is opposite her in the film. In a conversation, Mouni says that what is the harm in making a special appearance. I read the script, I liked it. Wanted to work with Abhay for a long time, so did it. I don’t think too much. I just go ahead with my feelings. If I feel like working on a project, I do. If not, then I will not speak. When we get the narration of a story, in the first 20 minutes the idea is taken whether to do the film or not. I have rarely refused on someone’s face. I love reading. When someone offers me a film.

I suggest sending the script first. When I like it, I’m ready to listen to the story. Everyone works so hard to write and tell the story. We listen once, storytellers tell many times. I work only when I like the character. It is not that I should work on the behest of a friend in the industry. Anyway, I don’t have friends in the industry. Friendship-friendship relationships are formed automatically, no separate effort is required for them. I have no complaints with the industry, I have found love here. Mouni’s upcoming film will be Brahmastra.

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