Need to talk about mental problems

Aditi, who was awarded the prestigious ‘The Diana Award’ in the month of June, has been doing social service since the age of 19. In his college, he did projects related to Menstrual Awareness. He also worked on the issue of sex workers. Looking at the experiences of the people around him, he decided to work in the field of mental health and emotional development. He launched a platform called ‘Speaking Grey’ last year. Aditi says, ‘I found that people struggle with problems like depression, stress, restlessness, but do not seek help from anyone. Because they don’t have proper information about it. This leads to dangerous consequences. I have seen and heard people end their lives due to depression.

Adit, who did engineering from Mumbai’s Narsee Monjee Institute, worked for about one and a half years but decided to pursue social service. She tells that initially, she did not know how to work? How do I contact therapists? She says, “I studied on my own for six months. Tried to understand the situation, then started contacting people with the help of volunteers and interns.

Collaborating with college students. We did public awareness programs in this direction. Today many international partners have also joined us. The pandemic posed many challenges in front of Aditi. Financial difficulties remained, but people’s cooperation inspired. It was easy to interact with people, organize events through a digital medium. Aditi says, ‘Due to Covid, there has been a change in the thinking of people. The way the people of the country and abroad supported our campaign, perhaps its positive effect is not seen before. When people accepted that they were suffering from some mental problem, their attitude and thinking towards others changed. Today thousands of teenagers and youth are getting solutions to their problems through their platform. He is assisted by a team of experts associated with ‘Speaking Grey’. Aditi believes that there are many misconceptions in society regarding mental illnesses, which need to be cleared.

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