New therapy may reduce heart attack risk

Everyone wants to be aware of the dangers of a heart attack. Now a new study has revealed that testosterone therapy, a hormone found in men, can reduce the risk of a heart attack. According to a research paper presented at the European Association of Urology Congress, other levels of health improvement have been seen with testosterone therapy. After the therapy, the muscles got stronger and the weight decreased. The cholesterol level returned to normal and the liver also started functioning well. People who had high blood pressure also improved. This study was done on eight hundred people. Most of those who participated in these were people who passed on testosterone from generation to generation was a victim of hormone deficiency.

They had problems like blood pressure, cholesterol level, diabetes. Half of these people were given testosterone hormone therapy. Half the people were placed normally. The researchers found that among 412 people who took testosterone therapy, their risk of heart attack decreased rapidly. High blood pressure, diabetes, or cholesterol levels also started improving. Of the 393 people who were not given testosterone therapy, 74 died, 70 had heart attacks. Paralysis occurred at 59. Testosterone is a hormone found in men.

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