Olympics will use 3D Athlete Tracking never experienced before

During the Games, Intel will use technologies such as Udi Athlete Tracking to connect Vishaa R athletes. It will be an experience that the audience has never experienced before. It is the first computer vision solution of its kind, which uses artificial intelligence to enhance the viewing experience. Not only this, but the Olympics will also have the facility of real-time insight and overlay visualization. In addition, the audience will also get a better experience through the augmented reality goggles during the Olympic match.

Viewers will be able to watch replays of the entire match or part of it at any moment. For this, they just have to touch the sensor built on the top of the glasses. After this, the scene will start playing again on the lens of the glasses. Not only this, the data of players and teams will also be displayed on the glasses lens. These special gaggle i.e. glasses has been developed by NTT DoCoMo keeping the Olympics in mind.

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