OMG! A Woman uses Real Snake as her hairband in a viral video, unbelievable

We have seen girls often use headbands to tie their hair but have you seen any girl using a snake to tie her hair? We know that you have never seen such a video but a video is becoming fiercely viral on social media in which it can be seen that a girl is seen shopping in the mall and when the camera is focused on that girl’s hair, you will be surprised to see it. Actually, the girl has used a snake to tie her hair. The girl or this video is shared on Instagram which has been shared on an account named 

In this 14-second video, it is also heard that the girl is saying to someone “Nobody’s gonna know.” This video has been viewed more than 15000 times on Instagram so far and users are getting shocked seeing this video. One Instagram user wrote “He understands the assignment better than actual rubber bands.” Another asked, “Did anyone know?”

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