Only small achievements of people are Guru Dakshina: Neeraj Kabi

Talwar, Hichki, and Sherni actor Neeraj Kabi has acted in films on various platforms and gives acting training to budding actors. On Teacher’s Day, many artists trained by him send his best wishes and Guru Dakshina. Talking about this, Neeraj says, ‘Usually, acting workshops are for three and a half hours daily for 10-12 days. I have been fortunate that some people coming out of every workshop start calling me Guru, but I do not believe that I can become someone’s guru in just so many days of the workshop. From youth to senior artists come to these workshops.

On the day of Guru Purnima and Teacher’s Day, many such people come to meet me and even touch my feet by calling me, Guru. Seeing all these things, I feel that what have I read that these people are giving me so much love and respect. Many times, on Teacher’s Day, people also write about how their life changes after the workshop, they are getting work in advertisements, films, they took home, took the car, etc. Such small achievements of those people are a big Guru Dakshina for me. Sometimes some people make paintings and some people give Guru Dakshina as other gifts.

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