Pankaj Tripathi shares his memories related to Dhanteras

Regarding the memories associated with Dhanteras, he says, Festival and enthusiasm are very important in human life. During festivals, our entire family, relatives, and people from the nearby neighborhood get together and offer prayers. This gives a distinct positivity. In childhood, mother and father used to shop on the occasion of Dhanteras, and now my wife definitely buys some items made of metal.

I have shopped only once on Dhanteras. At that time I was shooting for my film Kaagaz in Sitapur. I saw that two or three utensils shops were decorated on the side of the highway. Seeing this, I came to know that today is Dhanteras, so I had bought flower plates from there have a special kind of alloy metal, which is very old and traditional. There were three plates in that shop and I took all three plates at the rate of a kilo. I remember that the plates were given to me for Rs 1100/kg. I still have those plates and I sometimes eat in them too.

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