Cartoon: Insecurity

Adlai Brandt-Ogman attempts to capture the insecurity of Vassar students in the wake of the grisly Halloweekend crime spree.

Adlai Brandt-Ogman
November 17, 2019
Campus & Culture

The aftermath of the Halloweekend crime spree, which included a gunpoint robbery and several alleged break-ins, left students feeling insecure. Increased campus security and police presence hardly improved the states of mind on campus. Students are faced with the eternal question: how do we achieve security while maintaining our freedom?

Adlai Brandt-Ogman

Adlai (‘21) is the Editorial Cartoonist. He is a prospective Media Studies Major. He has contributed to the Fumetto Magazine and has designed shirts for Vassar’s fencing team. In addition to his interest in art, he’s on Vassar’s Men’s Fencing varsity team and plays classical guitar.