Cartoon: Vassar to go carbon neutral

Adlai Brandt-Ogman
October 25, 2019
Campus & Culture

In an effort to combat the growing climate crisis, Vassar's board of trustees took the monumental step of adopting a plan to make Vassar carbon neutral by 2030. The $13 million plan, which includes upgrades to the college’s heating system and the installation of LED devices, would save the college $900,000 a year. The plan would also expand efforts to raise awareness among students about energy-saving practices.

Vassar Sustainability Director Micah Kenfield added that “we have a strong foundation to build toward larger goals such as electrification of campus infrastructure and discontinuing our use of combustion-based heating altogether."

Adlai Brandt-Ogman

Adlai (‘21) is the Editorial Cartoonist. He is a prospective Media Studies Major. He has contributed to the Fumetto Magazine and has designed shirts for Vassar’s fencing team. In addition to his interest in art, he’s on Vassar’s Men’s Fencing varsity team and plays classical guitar.