Goodbye Vassar Political Review, Hello Vassar Insider

Andrew Solender
November 11, 2019

On November 3, the ​Vassar Political Review​ was the recipient of two awards from the Associated College Press (ACP). In addition to winning a best-of-show award at the ACP’s National Media Convention in Washington, DC, the VPR was given a Pacemaker finalist award. The Pacemakers are often referred to as the “college pulitzers” due to their status as the highest accolade in collegiate journalism.

It was an incredible honor, especially for a publication that is merely two years old.

It could’ve been reasonably expected for us to simply revel in our accomplishments and lean on our laurels after having won these awards. Instead, we did the opposite: we let our ambitions take the wheel. Almost immediately, we decided to boldly expand our focus and rebrand our now-award winning publication.

On November 9, a majority of the ​VPR’​ s editorial board voted to change our publication’s name to The​ Vassar Insider.​ With this change will come, firstly, a new website, logo, and social media handles. But it will also bring with it a new focus, involving new editorial roles, new stories and alternative forms of media.

The name ​Insider has a dual meaning. Firstly, it reflects our current primary role as analysts of politics, current events, culture, media and other realms of social science. We conduct meticulous research and craft rigorous argumentation in order to broaden and uplift discourse at Vassar. We are the insiders of this knowledge, distilling it and disseminating it to our peers.

But ​Insider also brings with it a more insular focus. We plan to start playing a dramatically larger role in reporting campus and local news with increased interviews, features and breaking news reporting. We see our role as supplementary to the ​Miscellany News​. Our digital focus and lack of formatting or timing restraints allow us to report news in a different way.

We believe that having more campus journalists will mean more students becoming informed, more scrutiny of the decisions of our leaders both on and off-campus, and more accountability for our institutions. It is an objective good for our community.

In the coming days, The Vassar Insider will be launching a new website and appointing several new editors including a news editor and a deputy digital editor. We look forward to our continued success and the exciting developments ahead.

Andrew Solender

Andrew (’20) is the Editor-in-Chief. He is a political science major and history correlate. He has worked as an intern at MSNBC, a political reporter for Chronogram Magazine, Inside Sources and City & State NY, and has been published in the Poughkeepsie Journal and Psychology Today. He also plays on the varsity squash team.