Priyanka Chopra drops ‘Jonas’ and ‘Chopra’ surname from Instagram

Fans keep an eye on the small antics of the stars on the internet media. As soon as actress Priyanka Chopra edited her name Priyanka Chopra Jonas from the page of Twitter and Instagram late Monday night since then the market of rumors has become hot. After removing the surname of husband Nick Jonas, news started coming that Priyanka and Nick might be separating from each other. Although Priyanka not only Jonas but also Chopra surname has also been removed from the front of her name and only Priyanka has been kept. Putting a halt to these rumors of marriage breakdown, Nick has posted a video working out on his official Instagram account.

In this video, Priyanka wrote, I want to die in your arms. With this, he had love in his eyes and made a heart emoji. At the same time, even before this post, Priyanka’s mother Madhu Chopra had issued a statement saying that all the talk of divorce is all nonsense, do not spread rumors. At the same time, Priyanka’s fans are also angry due to considering this as a publicity stunt. One fan wrote that removing the surname does not mean that the two are separating from each other.

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