PUBG Addicted: 3 years old kid playing PUBG on Android Emulator

The craze of PUBG is being seen a lot these days and millions of players enjoying the game worldwide on their mobile or PC. Youngsters are also enjoying the battle royale experience in this game along with the little ones. A video is becoming very viral on the internet nowadays, in which a 3-year-old child is enjoying PUBG on android Emulator.

The video of this kid playing PUBG has been posted on the “Aamir Shah” YouTube channel and this video has now been viewed more than 19 million times. This video on Aamir Shah’s YouTube channel is of 7.18 minutes and the kid who plays PUBG mobile on PC named “Anand” is playing matches with the boys older than his age.

Watch the viral video of 3 years old kid playing PUBG

Pubg Addicted 3 years old kid

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