PUBG: Battlegrounds free-to-play event, get battlegrounds plus upgrade for free and unlock premium items

PUBG: Battlegrounds has announced a free-to-play event on its official website on Friday, which will start on January 12, 2021. In this free-to-play event of PUBG, players will be given a lot of changes in the game along with rewards. All players who have owned and played PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS before the free-to-play service transition will automatically receive the PUBG – SPECIAL COMMEMORATIVE PACK, which includes a free BATTLEGROUNDS Plus upgrade and additional in-game rewards.

PUBG: Battlegrounds has launched a new product with free-to-play events which is named “BATTLEGROUNDS Plus”. Upgrading to Battlegrounds Plus will allow players to access some of the game’s important modes along with different items. Players can purchase the Battlegrounds Plus pack for $12.99 USD after the free-to-play transition

BATTLEGROUNDS Plus upgrade unlocks access to the following:

  1. Survival Mastery XP +100% boost
  2. Career – Medal tab
  3. Ranked Mode
  4. Creating and playing a Custom Match.

BATTLEGROUNDS Plus upgrade includes the following items:

  1. Captain’s Camo Hat
  2. Captain’s Camo Mask
  3. Captain’s Camo Gloves
  4. Bonus 1300 G-COIN

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