PUBG Mobile 2.7 Global update: Direct APK download link

PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball have teamed up to bring a new game mode, map, and exciting features to the game. The collaboration is now available with the 2.7 update, and players can download the PUBG Mobile 2.7 Global Apk to enjoy the new features.
The new map is a 1.6×1.6 small map centered on an anime theme with a classic PUBG Mobile touch. Players can battle with Dragon Ball Super characters and their skills in anime style. The map will be added to the unranked mode and named Dragon Ball Super Mode. Players can choose one character to play in the mode among Son Goku, Vegeta, Ultimate Gohan, Piccolo, and Frieza. No guns will be included in the new special map, but players can use characters’ abilities to defeat the opponent. There are two more powers that players can use to eliminate their enemies: short-range power and long-range power.
The new theme mode will be added to ranked Erangel matches. Players can use Dragon Ball characters’ abilities in the game, like Kamehameha’s super speed, reflexes, and more. Players can gain these powers by collecting power balls on the map. There will be Dragon Ball villages on the map where players can obtain unique dragon balls and other balls, which can grant them abilities. Players can also collect seven dragon balls from marked locations in the Erangle theme map to get some loot.
The collaboration also introduces Goku Justu, which is Goku’s trademark attack. Players can use this attack to destroy opponents while flying through the air with superpowers. The PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball collaboration is one of the most anticipated collaborations of the year. It is sure to be a hit with fans of both PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball. The new features and modes are sure to add a lot of excitement to the game.
PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball collaboration is a must-try for all gaming enthusiasts. The new features, modes, and map are sure to provide an immersive and exciting gaming experience. Players can download the PUBG Mobile 2.7 Global Apk to enjoy the new features and join the battle with Dragon Ball Super characters.
Players can download the latest APK of PUBG Mobile 2.7 Global update from the below given link

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