PUBG Mobile Ban Pan Announcement

PUBG Mobile Developers have once again reined in the hackers by banning 1,043,936 accounts permanently because due to the bad environment of the game, many players are complaining to the developers that the number of hackers in the game is increasing daily. PUBG Mobile published its latest anti-cheating report between October 22 and October 28, 2021, and 1,043,936 accounts have been banned permanently.

PUBG Mobile has launched the Anti-Cheating Squad in the game and any player can become a part of this team. If any player reports a cheat in the game, then the game system generates a short video and shares it with the Anti-Cheating Squad and if the Anti-Cheating Squad team confirms that hacks were used in the game, then after The official team of PUBG Mobile confirms the hacks and takes action against that account and bans it permanently.

PUBG Mobile has permanently banned 1,043,936 accounts from the game for 3 main reasons

  1. Character Model Modification
  2. Auto-Aim Hacks
  3. Speed Hacks & X-Ray Vision

You can read the complete details of PUBG Mobile’s anti-cheating report published between October 22 and October 28, 2021

List of Accounts Banned

  1. 12% Crown Accounts banned
  2. 10% Silver Accounts banned
  3. 10% of Diamond Accounts banned
  4. 1% Conqueror Accounts Banned
  5. 7% Gold Accounts Banned
  6. 8% Platinum Accounts Banned
  7. 43% Bronze Accounts Banned
  8. 9% Ace Accounts Banned

List of Banned Cheats

  1. 16% Accounts Banned due to Auto-Aim Hacks
  2. 15% Accounts Banned due to X-Ray Vision
  3. 24% Accounts Banned due to Modification of Character Model.
  4. 14% of Accounts Banned due to Modification of Area Damage
  5. 15% of Accounts are banned due to Speed Hacks.
  6. 16% of Accounts banned where reason is not specified

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