PUBG Mobile banned 912,216 accounts and blocks 10,891 ads this week, details here

In its new anti-cheating report, PUBG Mobile has banned 912,216 accounts as well as permanently blocked 10,891 cheating ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and all these accounts were banned in the period from December 10 to December 16. PUBG Mobile follows the activity of hackers very closely, for which a special anti-cheating squad has been formed. PUBG Mobile in its current 1.7 update had also launched a strong anti-cheating system in which action is taken against players who break the game’s policy.

Due to the increase in the number of hackers in PUBG Mobile, the environment of the game is not fair and it is very important to take action on hackers or cheaters to improve the environment of the game. PUBG Mobile has permanently banned 912,216 accounts created this week for 3 main reasons

  • Auto Aim Hacks
  • X-Ray Vision
  • Speed Hacks

You can check the detailed report of the banned accounts & ads of PUBG Mobile between December 10 and December 16

PUBG Mobile Cheat Ads detail banned from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

  • YouTube – 10,853 ads taking down
  • Facebook- 20 ads taking down
  • Instagram- 18 ads taking down

PUBG Mobile anti-cheating report from December 10 to December 16, 2021

List of Accounts suspended

1) 7% Crown 

2) 8% Silver 

3) 6% Diamond

4) 2% Conqueror 

5) 5% Gold

6) 5% Platinum

7) 61% Bronze 

8) 6% Ace 

List of Banned Cheats

1) 20% Accounts Banned due to Auto-Aim Hacks.

2) 16% Accounts Banned due to X-Ray Vision.

3) 11% Accounts Banned due to Modification of Character Model.

4) 14% of Accounts Banned due to Modification of Area Damage.

5) 15% of Accounts are banned due to Speed Hacks.

6) 24% of Accounts are banned where reason is not specified

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