PUBG Mobile developer bans huge number of accounts: Check Report

PUBG Mobile has published a new anti-cheating report on its social media handles on November 21, 2021, and according to this new report, 702,588 accounts have been suspended permanently. PUBG Mobile has published the BAN PAN report between November 12 and November 18, 2021, and there are 3 main reasons for all these banned accounts

  1. Auto Aim Hacks & Speed
  2. Character Model Modification
  3. X-Ray Vision

The number of hackers in PUBG Mobile is increasing day by day and because of this new reports are published every week in which millions of accounts are suspended. There can be different reasons for suspending all these accounts, the main reason is to use cheats or hacks to win the game and the second reason could be to buy any items available in the game like UC, Outfits and premium items by using any third party application because this is totally against the policy of the game.

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PUBG Mobile detailed BAN PAN report from November 12 and November 18, 2021

List of Accounts Banned

  1. 11% Crown Accounts banned
  2. 10% Silver Accounts banned
  3. 10% of Diamond Accounts banned
  4. 1% Conqueror Accounts Banned
  5. 6% Gold Accounts Banned
  6. 7% Platinum Accounts Banned
  7. 47% Bronze Accounts Banned
  8. 8% Ace Accounts Banned

List of Banned Cheats

  1. 22% Accounts Banned due to Auto-Aim Hacks.
  2. 19% Accounts Banned due to X-Ray Vision.
  3. 20% Accounts Banned due to Modification of Character Model.
  4. 12% of Accounts Banned due to Modification of Area Damage.
  5. 20% of Accounts are banned due to Speed ​​Hacks.
  6. 7% of Accounts are banned where reason is not specified.

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