PUBG New State 40M downloads celebration event, free reward and other details here

PUBG New State has organized an event for the players on completion of 40 million downloads of the game which will start from 26th December, 2021 till 6th December, 2021. According to the period given in this event, players will be given rewards for logging in to the game on 7 different days. PUBG New State has been launched for Android and iOS users and the game has recently completed 40 million downloads.

Players can check the details of this event from the official social media handles of PUBG New State and participate in the event. If players want to get these rewards for free then they have to login to the game from 26th December for the next 7 days and rewards will be credited directly to the account at 9:00 AM (UTC) and every reward will be communicated through the mail.

PUBG New State 40M event period

Starting from 26th November 2021 and ending on 6th December 2021

PUBG New State Reward Details

Day 1: 3 Chicken Medals (3 Qty)

Day 2: 1 trio 150% BP Card(1 Qty)

Day 3: 1 BP Random Box(M) (1 Qty)

Day 4: 3 Chicken Medals (3 Qty)

Day 5: BP Random Box (M) (1 Qty)

Day 6: Erangel 150% BP Card (1 Qty)

Day 7: Chicken Medals (3 Qty)

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