PUBG New State Emergency Maintenance announced by developers, here is the reason why?

PUBG New State has been launched globally and the game is available for download for Android and iOS users. Ever since the launch of the game, the developers have been doing some maintenance in the game so that the complaints of the users can be resolved as soon as possible. PUBG New State developers recently announced an update for Android users on 23rd November which was very important for the users to update as without that update the users would not be able to play the game. After this, a notice was published on the official website of PUBG New State, in which it was told that since the launch of the game, the use of unauthorized 3rd party applications had started increasing, so because of this, developers launched an update to identify all these third party programs which are only for Android users.

PUBG New State also announced emergency maintenance for short time on 25th November in which some in-game items could be mistakenly claimed by certain accounts and the accounts that were facing this issue have been temporarily suspended by the developers but now this issue has been resolved and players can enjoy the game

Read the complete details here from th official website of PUBG New State

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