PUBG New State Essential update released for Android devices, download latest version now

PUBG New State has released an essential update for Android users, which players can download from Google Play Store. PUBG New State had issued a notice to the players on the official website that when players launch the game, then the option to update the game will appear on their screen and this update will be optional till 11:00 (UTC +0) and if players this login to the game after the given time, then they will not be able to play the game without updating.

PUBG New State has just launched a new update for Android users while the update has not been released for iOS users yet. With this update, users will also get some rewards “3 Chicken Medals” which will be automatically credited to the player’s account.

PUBG New State Essentials Update Details

PUBG New State has just launched the new update only for Android users and there is a new update in the game regarding anti-cheat measures so that hackers can be banned from the game.

Note: It is an essential update, you will not be able to access the game without downloading this update

PUBG New State Update Download

To download the PUBG New State Android Update, players can directly visit the Google Play Store. PUBG New State – Click Here To Visit Directly

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