PUBG New State: Get a permanent vehicle skin on Launch, Check How?

PUBG New State is also a battle Royale game that is going to be released with lots of advanced features. According to the latest statement from the developers, the game is still under development and it is to be released in the second half of 2021, but according to some media reports, the game release date has been leaked on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, so as per the latest repots the release date of iOS devices has been fixed as October 31st and  the release date of the game for Android devices is fixed as October 8th, 2021 but till now no official statement has been issued by the developers regarding the release date of the game. Players can visit the official website or follow social media handles for the latest updates of PUBG new state.

Pre-registrations for PUBG New State Mobile have started for Apple and Android devices and players who haven’t pre-registered yet can pre-register the game by visiting their phone’s App Store. According to the PUBG new state official website, users who pre-register for the game will be given a permanent vehicle skin as a welcome reward. With the release of PUBG New State, players are also eagerly waiting for the upcoming features in the game, which we will discuss with you in this article.

How to get permanent Vehicle skin ?

Pre-Register to get permanent vehicle skin

The PUBG New State is near to launch. In the next one week, we have every possibility that game will be available for download. With the launch of the game, plyers will also get a permanent vehicle skin. To get this skin, players will have to pre-register for the game. You can pre-register only through Google Play Store and Apple App Store and players will get free permanent skin on the same email ID from which you pre-register. PUBG New State may includes new maps as well as many new vehicles. “Super Nova” is the new vehicle which have been confirmed by developers to be available for free for pre-registered users after the game launch.

Click here to Pre-Register

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