Ram and Kiara’s ‘Game Changer’ songs will cost Rs 90 crore, reports

The upcoming film ‘Game Changer’, directed by Shankar and starring Ram Charan and Kiara Advani, has been creating quite a buzz in the industry. One of the highlights of this action drama film is the significant investment being made in its songs. Reports suggest that the producer-director is allocating a whopping Rs 90 crore budget for the songs alone.
Shankar is renowned for his extravagant approach when it comes to the songs in his films. This is not the first time he has invested such a hefty amount in the music. In his previous films, such as ‘Robot’ and ‘2.0’, substantial sums were also spent on the songs, making them some of the most expensive songs in the history of Indian cinema.
The reason behind these substantial investments lies in Shankar’s commitment to delivering high-quality entertainment. He employs cutting-edge techniques and utilizes top-notch visual effects, which naturally increase the production and VFX expenses. By doing so, Shankar ensures that his films stand out and provide a unique cinematic experience for the audience.
With ‘Game Changer’, Shankar is set to continue his trend of pushing boundaries and creating visually stunning songs. The significant budget allocated for the music indicates that audiences can expect nothing short of a grand spectacle when it comes to the film’s musical sequences.

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