Ransom of 700 million dollars by REvil sought from hundreds of companies by cyber attack

Hackers have carried out a cyberattack by demanding a collective ransom from hundreds of companies around the world through a dark website. On Sunday, the Russian-affiliated hacker group threatened various companies demanding a ransom of $ 70 million (about Rs 5.21 billion). That only if they gave the money, they would restore the hacked data of their companies.

The REvil Cyber ​​Crime Gang is seen as one of the most successful ransom extortion gangs in the cyber sector. Allan Liska of cybersecurity company Recorded Future said that this gang often works with someone or the other. And that is why it is difficult to determine who is talking on behalf of the hackers. Friday’s attack on REvil ransomware saw a dramatic increase in the number of companies that fell victim to it.

However, according to the AP, the cybersecurity team worked enthusiastically on Sunday to contain the impact of the single largest global ransomware attack on record.The infamous Reville gang, known for extorting US$11 million from meat processor company JBS after the Dey attack, affected thousands in 17 countries on Friday. The FBI said it was investigating the attack, but the enormity of the incident may make it impossible to answer each victim individually. President Joe Biden suggested on Saturday that the US would act if the Russian government was determined to be fully involved in the investigation. He said that he has sought details from the intelligence agencies in this regard. However, Russia’s Kremlin has denied having any contact. Biden has pressured Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop providing safe haven to Ravil and other ransomware gangs, which continue to carry out attacks that the US sees as a threat to national security.

According to cybersecurity firm Sophos, various businesses and public institutions have been affected by the latest attacks on all continents, including financial services, travel, leisure, and the public sector. Ransomware criminals break into your network and scour all your data to spread malware, whose activation K. During this your network gets damaged. Victims get a decoder key at the time of payment. Swedish grocery chain Coop said most of its 800 stores were closed on Sunday due to a defect in its cashier software supplier.

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