Rashmi rocket has been made as a reference point

Inspired by true events, the issue of gender testing of female athletes has been raised in the film Rashmi Rocket. Taapsee Pannu’s performance as an athlete in the film is being appreciated. Anirudh Guha, the screenplay writer of the film tells, One of my favorite American shows is The Good Fight, which is set in the courtroom. There was a gender test of a swimmer. I immediately called up Akarsh Khurana (Director) that Good Fight people have made an episode on gender tests. We should see a movie courtroom drama.

Anirudh says about this, Rashmi is not standing in the courtroom here. She has dragged the Federation to the court that its human rights have been violated. There is logic in the arguments being presented in the court. I did a lot of research before writing the film. Many sports doctors and psychologists around the world have written detailed reports on gender tests. I read them. I wanted it to become a reference point in the future. So that players who are facing such problems can take help from these facts. Rashmi Rocket has been released on ZEE5.

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