Richa Chadha says, I’m not interested in fame

Actress Richa Chadha runs away from fame. Recently Richa appeared as a powerful character in Inside Edge 3. Richa says, People run after power, money, and fame. I believe that fame or popularity is a trap. I run away from the paparazzi. I like it when people recognize me on the red carpet, but I don’t want people to recognize me when I am going to buy vegetables and ration I like to be simple.

If fame gets too much, then one gets addicted to it. I only want good work for myself. Now I am 40-50 years old and think I don’t have to act. It may be difficult for people to believe this, but it is common in foreign countries. There, actors do other things along with acting. Do one film a year and retire when I feel like it. I have zero interest in fame.

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