Richa Chadha to play a celebrity in Call My Agent Bollywood

Artists understand what their style appeals to the audience. On the basis of this experience, sometimes the actors also speak different dialogues from the script. Many directors also give such leeway to take advantage of their experience. There are many such things behind the scenes, which do not reach in front of the audience. If we talk about Richa Chadha, then she keeps polishing her work continuously. After so many years of experience, Richa has understood that her style or the kind of dialogues can leave an impression on the audience. Many actors are acting in the Call My Agent Bollywood web series. Richa is in the character of a Bollywood star in this series, but the plot of the story is fictional.

An episode of the show is woven around Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal. Both are in a relationship with each other in real life as well. The characters of both have been kept the same in this show as they are in real life. Richa and Ali have themselves changed their dialogues on the sets as per the scene so that they look more real. In a conversation, Richa says that the director of this series also listened to our ideas. He gave us a chance during the comedy scene to modify the lines as per our requirements.

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