Richa’s Chadha film will have only female crew members

Women are waving their flags in every field. In the film industry too, women are making their place in every work. Be it directing the reins or handling the camera. Talking about actress Richa Chadha, then her production house’s first film Girls Will Be Girls has given a chance to a female crew. The story of Girls Will Be Girls is based on the relationship between a 16-year-old girl and her mother. Richa has only women in her crew. In a conversation, Richa explains the reason for this and says that director Shuchi Talati wanted to see those only female members.

She believes that this film should be made under the leadership of women. Director Shuchi Talati says that the process of making a film is as important as the film being made, as every day of shooting leaves an impression on you. In my last film A Period Piece, we had a mostly female crew. There are many such scenes in this film too, which our actress felt very safe while filming in the presence of the female crew. These things matter to me.

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