Sahil plays Akku in the film 200 Halla Ho

Actor, YouTuber, and anchor Sahil Khattar will be seen in a character inspired by mafia Akku Yadav in the upcoming film 200 Halla Ho. Bharat Kalicharan alias Akku Yadav, accused of several heinous crimes including murder and rape, was lynched to death by around 200 women in a Nagpur district court in 2004. Talking about the film, Sahil says, ‘I prepared it in three phases. First physical, second mental, and third language style.

Last year during the lockdown, I lost a lot of belly fat. I wanted a slim body for this character. It would not have been possible for me to make this change without Sonu Nigam Ji’s help. He had opened his personal gym in Mumbai for me, I had seen all the serial killer films and documentaries made for the mental preparation of the character. To work on the language style, took training from the language instructor. The film will release on Zee5 on August 20

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