Satyajit will be seen as a doctor in the web series Mumbai Diaries 26/11

Actor Satyajit Dubey has been interested in stage and art since childhood. He studied at the behest of one of his teachers. Started paying attention, Satyajit says, ‘This Teacher’s Day I would like to dedicate to all my teachers, who showed me the right direction. I was studying at St. Francis School in Bilaspur. Since I was interested in stage and art from the beginning and my Miss Sindhu teacher used to say that Satya you are such a good boy, even if you study a little, everything will be balanced. Then I said ok this time I will show you after studying also. In the examination held after that, I had scored 79 percent marks.

He always inspired me to go on stage and perform with confidence. My father used to teach maths and science in a private school. My grandmother had been the Additional District Inspector of Schools (ADIS). His job was to oversee the schools across the district. Teachers make the future of children, so I hope people understand and respect the importance of teachers. Satyajit will be seen in the web series Mumbai Diaries 26/11, releasing on Amazon Prime Video on September 9.

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