SEBI imposed Rs 126 crore fine on 135 companies, interim stay

Here’s a revised version of the text with some improvements: The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has taken action against 135 companies for allegedly manipulating shares of small-cap companies and earning profits through illegal means. SEBI has imposed an interim ban on these companies from trading in shares and has levied a total fine of approximately Rs 126 crore. SEBI’s investigation revealed that a group of companies had manipulated the shares of five listed companies, namely Maurya Industries, 7NR Retail, Darjeeling Ropeway Company, GBL Industries, and Vishal Fabrics. These companies artificially increased the prices of their shares by trading among themselves in the shares of these five companies.
Such manipulative practices undermine the integrity of the stock market and harm the interests of investors. SEBI’s action against these companies sends a strong message that such activities will not be tolerated and that those who engage in such practices will be held accountable.
It is essential for all market participants to adhere to ethical and legal standards and maintain the integrity of the stock market. SEBI’s role in regulating the securities market is crucial in ensuring that investors are protected and that the market operates in a fair and transparent manner. In conclusion, SEBI’s action against these companies is a step in the right direction towards ensuring a level playing field for all market participants. It is imperative that such manipulative practices are identified and dealt with effectively to maintain the trust of investors in the securities market.

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