Seema Pahwa will introduce her life

A lot of actors in Bollywood are writing an autobiography. This year Priyanka Chopra, Kabir Bedi’s autobiography came. Now the popular serial Hum Log Ki Badki i.e. Seema Pahwa is also writing autobiography. Seema said, ‘Right now I am writing that. There have been three turning points in my life. First serial Hum Log, second my film Aankhon Dekhi and third Ram Prasad’s Tehrvin. After these three things, my journey changed. I will definitely mention them through how Aam Ghar Ki Ladki Hum Log. I came in LimeLight. Apart from that, what personal experiences were there which were useful in my acting, will be mentioned.

The acting journey that I have seen since childhood and what changes have been seen, will also be mentioned. Mainly I would say that when the new generation read this book, then those people should get some moral support that no matter what the situation is, but if you want, you can come out of it and reach your destination. It is very important to set goals in your life. On writing about other artists in Autobiography, she says, I will definitely write about those I learned from. How some of my comrades were left behind for their own reasons will also be mentioned.

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