Setup 2- Factor Authentication for Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Cyber-attacks have also intensified in recent years with the ever-increasing number of users on the Internet. If you are not careful, your privacy can be compromised at any time. The ‘2-Factor Authentication’ feature acts as a shield for the account if you want to keep yourself safe in the internet world.

How you can secure your account online?

  • WhatsApp: The 2-Step Verification feature can be used to strengthen the security on WhatsApp. Now payment service has also been added to this platform. Therefore, it is necessary to use it from the point of view of security. It gives an extra security layer to the user. To enable it, you have to go to the settings. Hereafter tapping on the account, the option of 2-Step Verification will appear. To enable it, a 6 digit PIN has to be generated. Also, you will also need to enter your email address here. This can be beneficial in case you forget the PIN.
  • Facebook Account: Enable 2-Factor Authentication in Facebook Account.
    For this, you have to go to ‘Settings and Login Settings. Scrolling down will bring an option to ‘Use to Factor Authentication’. Now click on ‘Edit. After that, you can choose the security method. For this, you can get the login code from a third-party authentication app or can ask for a text message (SMS) code on your mobile. Keep in mind that the message for verification will be sent on your registered mobile number only. After that during login. Password will be required along with the code.
  • Twitter account: You can also use this feature here. For this, go to ‘Set up login verification’ in ‘Account’ under ‘Settings and Privacy. There are three ways to do this – text message, authentication app, and security keys. If you select a text message method, then you need to click the text message in the checkbox. Then click on Next while reading the instruction. Hereafter entering the password, click on Verify. Then on clicking on send code, the verification code will be sent to your number. Then enter that code and submit. In this way, you will be able to secure your Twitter account.
  • Instagram account: Here the option of Privacy and Security will appear in the settings. Click on 2-Factor Authentication in the Security option below
    Text message and authentication app options will be available for 2FA. If you select the option of text message, then the login code will be sent to the mobile, through which you will be able to open the account.

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