Eagle fighting with snake, see what happened next in viral video

A video is becoming crazy viral on social media, in which an eagle rushes to hunt a snake, but you will be surprised to see what happens to the eagle after that. We know very well that the eagle is one of the most dangerous predators in the sky and while flying in the air, attacks the birds sitting on the ground in such a way that it is very difficult for anyone to escape from its clutches but in this video, It happened completely opposite and eagle itself became a victim of the snake.

In this video, it can be seen that an eagle makes a tremendous attack on the snake crawling on the ground to hunt it, but as soon as the eagle began to lift the snake and carry it in the air, the snake attacked the eagle back. The snake caught the eagle well and started hunting the eagle, but some people passing by got the eagle free from the clutches of the snake and after that, the eagle flew into the air. This video going viral has been shared on “nature27_12” Instagram account and more than 2K users have liked this video so far.

eagle fighting with snake but what happened after this will surprise you

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