Shocking video of a hotel in Thailand where couple shocked to see monitor lizard inside toilet, watch video

Whenever we plan for the holidays, the first thing we think about is that the hotels we stay in should be very spacious and equipped with every facility but a British couple when they went on vacation to Thailand., an incident happened to them which they will probably not forget for the rest of his life. Actually, the monitor lizard came out from the toilet of the hotel room where this British couple was staying, which they were surprised to see.

According to media reports, this couple was enjoying a holiday in Pathum Thani and they saw a big lizard coming out of the toilet of the hotel where they stayed. At first, they thought it would be a small creature that would go back but after a while, as soon as the Lizard pulled out his head, they were shocked to see. Chantima Chairisuk, seeing this, called out to her boyfriend that she had seen something moving in the toilet. The couple also made a video of a lizard coming out of the toilet, which is becoming crazy viral on social media. This video has been posted by CGTN America on its YouTube channel, which has been viewed more than 57K times so far.

Couple shocked to see monitoe Lizard inside toilet

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