Viral video of lioness attacks on a bull but lioness found it difficult to save her life

Often we get to see many funny videos on social media and some videos are such that we get shocked after seeing them. Today we have brought one such shocking video for you, in which a lioness attacks a bull. This video has been shared on the ‘wild.exploreranimal’ YouTube channel which has been liked by more than 4 lakh users so far.

 In this video going viral, it can be seen that a lioness attacks the bull to make her prey and manages to catch it but some other members of the bull’s herd are standing there watching and so from the herd of bull, a bull attacks the lioness with great force. The bull attacks the lioness so strongly that it repeatedly lifts the lioness and slams it on the ground. After this, it is difficult for the lioness to save her life from the bull and she runs away from there. 

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