Shocking video of tourists close encounter with Lion in Sabi Sabi reserve of Africa

Many videos of tourists doing jungle safari are seen on social media and some of them are such that the lions or other animals roaming in the forest come near the car which scares the tourists. A similar video from Africa is becoming fiercely viral on social media, in which it can be seen that some tourists are doing jungle safari in Sabi Sabi Reserve and only then a lion roaming in the forest comes near them.

It can be seen in this video that the lion comes so close to the car that it looks like the lion is about to attack them but after stopping near the car for a few seconds, it goes towards the forest. The lion comes very close to the person sitting on the bonnet of the car, after seeing which the man gets scared and does not move at all for some time. This video has been shared on an Instagram account named Richard Degouveia and while sharing the video it is written “How would you feel to be on the trackers seat? The animals at @sabisabireserve have been habituated over generations and pay no mind to the presence of vehicles around them (nor the potential meal sitting on the front seat). This allows for some of the most incredible game viewing in the world!.”

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