Teddy David

Teddy (’22) is a history major and French correlate with an interest in art history. He works as an editorial intern for the International Enforcement Law Reporter, writing on world events from a legal angle. Teddy is from New York City, and he enjoys classical music, reading history, and spending time with family.

Managing Editor

Adam Abadi

Adam (’22) is an economics major from Brooklyn, NY with interests in public policy, electoral politics, and data science. He has worked as an intern for an environmental nonprofit and an economic consulting firm. Adam enjoys playing Scrabble, reading surreal fiction, and playing D&D in his spare time.



Tommy ('23) is a prospective Film major with interests in history, photography, and graphic design. He is involved with Vice Weekly and VCTV, and is also the vice president of Consolidated Media, a media services company. He is from Massachusetts and enjoys watching obscure VHS tapes and drinking carbonated water.


Adam Chapnik – Chief Politics Editor

Adam Chapnik ('22) is a Political Science major with a Mathematics correlate. He is the President of the Vassar Post-Pasteurization Alliance and is also involved in the Vassar Debate Society. He is originally from Boston and enjoys watching films, reading, and hiking.

Liam Manion – Senior Politics Editor

Liam ('22) is an American Studies major with concentrations in political science and psychology, with an interest in American politics. His work has been published by the non-profit The Borgen Project. He is also heavily involved in the Vassar Student Musicians' Union, and is part of the band Pattern Addict, based out of his home state of Vermont.

Emma Swanson – Deputy Politics Editor

Emma (‘24) is an undecided major with interests in political science, cognitive science, and psychology. She is from Houston, Texas and has volunteered extensively with animal shelters in the area. Emma enjoys listening to music, writing, and bingeing shows on Netflix.

Danielle Recco – Deputy Politics Editor

Danielle (’24) is interested in environmental politics, environmental science, and international relations, as well as the criminal justice system. Danielle is from Long Island, and currently works for the Office of Sustainability. She is involved in Democracy Matters, LiNK, The Miscellany News, VCTV, and Seed/Greens. Danielle enjoys reading, writing, learning new languages, working out, and spending time with her dog, Bella.


Chase Estes – Policy Editor

Chase ('22) is a history major and German correlate from Naples, Florida with an interest in international affairs. He is a member of the Vassar Men's Fencing team and enjoys listening to music, reading the news, and solving Rubik's Cubes in his spare time.

Eli Hinerfeld – Deputy Policy Editor

Eli (’24) is a prospective political science major from Chicago with interests in international relations, local politics, and drama. He was on the board of his high school investment club, as well as founding the comedy magazine The Rat, and being a student leader in the theater. He enjoys listening to music, writing comedic sketches, and eating dried mango.

Campus & Culture

Yinguang Zhao – Campus & Culture Editor

Yinguang (’23) is a prospective political science major from Beijing. He is an academic assistant with Veritas China, promoting liberal arts education for Chinese students. He was the editor-in-chief of his high school’s online news agency, Imaginist.


Christian Baaki – Finance Editor

Christian ('23) is a prospective economics major interested in public policy and political philosophy. He spent last summer interning on a congressional campaign and volunteering for a New York State Assembly campaign. He is also a member of the varsity baseball team.


Elizabeth Perkins – News Editor

Elizabeth Stockton Perkins (’23) is a prospective Drama major from Wooster, Ohio. On campus, she serves as the piano accompanist for the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life and Contemplative Practice and is pursuing her interests in writing, theater making, and vocal performance.

BEN NORTHROP – News Editor

Ben (’23) is a prospective economics major and political science correlate, with interests in history, politics, and film. He has worked on a small number of independent films and is involved with the Student Conduct Board and VCTV at Vassar. He is from York, Maine, and enjoys drinking seltzer, teaching sailing, and playing the organ.

Other Staff

Adlai Brandt-Ogman – Editorial Cartoonist

Adlai (‘21) is a prospective media studies major. He has contributed to the Fumetto Magazine and has designed shirts for Vassar’s fencing team. In addition to his interest in art, he is a member of the varsity Men’s Fencing team and plays classical guitar.

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