Teaser out of Rajveer and Paloma starrer ‘Dono’, film to be released in theaters soon

Rajshree Production, in collaboration with Jio Cinema, has recently unveiled the teaser for their upcoming film titled ‘Dono.’ This film marks the Bollywood debut of Sunny Deol’s younger son, Rajveer Deol. Alongside him, newcomer actress Paloma Dhillon will also be seen in prominent roles. ‘Dono’ promises to be a captivating love story that revolves around two strangers.
The teaser opens with Rajveer and Paloma sitting on a picturesque beach, where they encounter each other at a wedding. The brief glimpse provided in the teaser hints at the chemistry and connection between the two characters, setting the stage for an intriguing narrative. The teaser has been widely shared on various social media platforms by the film’s makers.
‘Dono’ is expected to be released in the near future, although an exact release date has not been announced yet. As the film marks the debut of Rajveer Deol, there is significant anticipation surrounding its release. Audiences are eager to witness the fresh talent and performances of both Rajveer and Paloma in this new generation love story.

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