The closure of cinema halls in Maharashtra will have an impact on Bell Bottom

Even though many films are being announced and shooting one after the other, but still many big films are waiting for release in theatres. Theaters have been opened in many states with 50 percent capacity. But in Maharashtra, Cinemas have not been allowed to open. Actor Akshay Kumar has announced the release of his film Bell Bottom in theaters on August 19. This film will encourage other filmmakers somewhere, but the theater in Maharashtra still not opening is a matter of concern for Akshay. In a conversation, he said that 30 percent of the business of films is from Maharashtra. In such a situation, due to the closure of theaters in Maharashtra, the film’s earnings will be affected. Still, a few days left for the release of the film.

Hopefully, theaters will open here too. We are currently in a phase where what will happen next cannot be said. It is not that the release of the film on the digital platform will have a huge impact on the cinema. Both the digital platform and cinema will remain in their respective places.

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