The FASTag system may end soon, all details inside

The Government of India is going to end toll collection very soon through FASTag and now is going to bring a new system for toll collection. According to some media reports, the central government is planning to launch a satellite navigation system to collect tolls and the new system is already being tested in India. According to this new system, now you will have to pay a toll based on the total distance traveled, which means the more you travel kilometers, the more you will have to pay the toll.

According to the FASTag system now the entire amount of the total distance traveled from one toll to another toll is collected from the vehicles and even if your journey ends midway through the road you still have to pay the full toll but the new satellite navigation system This is not going to happen at all means your toll will be deducted based on the distance you travel. Almost all vehicles in Germany have installed satellite navigation systems and the tax collection starts as soon as the vehicle enters the tolled road. As soon as the vehicle moves from the highway to the road without toll, the toll of that kilometer is deducted from the account. The system for deducting tolls is the same as that of FASTag.

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